Family Law

  • Divorce

    When it comes to divorce, you need to get the right advice and representation. Save U Legal family lawyers have experience in all aspects of separation and divorce for married or de-facto couples.
  • Parenting Arrangements for Children

    Undoubtedly the worst part of any relationship breakdown is issues surrounding children. This area of law often becomes a battleground with emotions running high and the children being used as ammunition.
  • Property Settlements

    This is another situation where emotions run high. People work hard for their assets over a long period of time and understandably do not want to lose money or assets at this time of relationship breakdown.
  • Domestic Violence

    The making of an Apprehended Violence Oder against a person is not a crime, however breaching an order is and if the breach involves actual physical violence then a custodial sentence is within range or most likely.

Children's Matters

  • Child Support

    Often in family law cases confusion exists by payers of child support that their time with the children is somehow linked to the fact that they pay child support. This is not the case and the two issues are completely separate. Child support is a moral obligation and not to be confused with time with the children.
  • Parental Responsibility and Decisions

    In making parenting orders a court must firstly determine whether the presumption applies and if so from there what the children’s time with the parents should be. For parents with shared parental responsibility the starting point is equal time if it is the best interest of the child and reasonably practicable.
  • Time with Children

    The parliament of Australia does not recognize any parent’s right to spend time with their children. In fact it is the complete reverse with the emphasis focused on the children’s time with their parents. In relation to making any parenting order in relation to children the court must consider what is in the best interest of the child/children as a paramount consideration. ​

Criminal Law

  • Appeals to District Court

    The grounds for appeal against sentence can be on the basis that the sentence is manifestly excessive. Note: Courts can increase a sentence on appeal if it thinks fit.
  • Drink And Drug Driving

    With an intense media and community focus on the area of drink and drug driving the general view of the courts is that there is really no excuse for breaches of law. Accordingly great weight in sentencing is placed on the aspect of general deterrent with very few drivers having charges dismissed or convictions not found.
  • Mandatory Interlock (engine lock)

    In effect the Mandatory interlock provisions provide that a person is not eligible to obtain a drivers licence following a sentence for disqualification in the next 5 years until they have completed the mandatory minimum interlock period.
  • Drug Charges

    Drugs charges are serious and can result in substantial penalties including imprisonment for certain offences. The primary law pertaining to drug offence in NSW is contained in the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (DMA) or in QLD the Drug Misuse Act 1986.
  • Sexual Assault Charges

    These types of charges are very serious and can result in significant custodial sentences, should you be found guilty. At Save U Legal, we can quickly review your case and provide advice in relation to your chances of a successful defence.

Will's And Estate

  • Drafting And Updating Wills

    It is thought by many that the drafting of wills is an elementary aspect of the law with people finding it difficult to spend a lot of money having a will drawn up simply due to the misconception of will kits etc which make it all too easy.
  • Probate

    A grant of probate is a legal document proving a will and authorises the executor to manage the estate of the deceased. The primary role of the executor is to determine the property of the deceased, pay out any debts and distribute the assets in accordance with the will.
  • Letters of Administration (Intestacy)

    It is becoming more common these days that a person dies without having made a will. This is known as dying intestate.
  • Power Of Attorney

    A power of attorney is a document which grants one person (attorney, donee) with the power to deal with another (principal, donor) person’s financial affairs including money, shares and or property. It does not cover health matters as this is now covered by guardian powers.

Save U Legal

At Save U Legal, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast solicitors, we understand that – you don’t want a lawyer, you need a lawyer. That being the case, we believe in providing access to justice and competent legal advice at the lowest possible rates.

Our solicitors are passionate about providing their legal client’s of the Tweed Heads and Gold Coast regions with excellent, loyal and trustworthy representation in all matters of Criminal Law, Family Law, and Wills and Estates.

At Save U Legal you will find our solicitors down to earth, compassionate and friendly. We cut out all of the legal speak so that our client’s fully understand their legal position. 

Where possible we price our services with fixed rates so that you know, up-front, how much your matter is going to cost.

At Save U Legal, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast solicitors, our priority is to finalise your matter as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. In many cases, this means avoiding expensive and time consuming court proceedings by having the parties reach an agreement through mediation or dispute resolution. 

Often, settlements can be obtained simply through clear communication.
At Save U Legal we pride ourselves on being the choice of lawyer for the every-day person that doesn't want anything to do with lawyers. That’s the difference. 

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